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The Decadent Doll

Make Way, Ladies and Germs, for the Princess of Mess..

21 June
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I'm the riot grrl trashy pirate Queen of the Trailer Park....'cept I don't live in a trailer park. I'm into being fair, honest, intelligent and doing my best not to waste the time I have on this planet.

I also love horror movies far too much, and lunchboxes of the metal vintage variety:

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The Decadent Doll is a crazy kindhearted funloving madgrrl. She loves to be with true friends, drink, sing silly show tunes and play air guitar to the cheesiest metal around. She loves to splosh herself and get messy for the cameras. Can often be spotted in Tescos at the pudding bakery stuff thinking intensely. If she gets too serious, hit her a gentle slap. If she gets a bit carried away in a dirty matter, then spank her. Feed her vodka, pasta and cigarettes. Add a dollop of The Pixies to that mix to make her serene, or some Bloodhound Gang to make her grin.
Strengths: Good listener, good at bitching, knows too much about horror movies. Can fill your belly with the tastiest food, and your ears with some fairly funny tales (of her own, or those of Bill Hicks and Eddie Izzard) Sings, writes songs and knows how to make her loved ones smile. Or get drunk.
Weaknesses: Gets a tad over-emotional, can be wild with jealousy or become silent and brooding. When she says what she thinks she can be hurtful. If you piss her off, she can be petty. She can be incredibly lazy and lack motivation.
Special Skills: Dancing like a loon, swinging her big hair until it resembles some kind of mushroom cloud. She can also make you laugh until more than a little wee comes out.
Weapons: Biting wit, pint glasses *beware* and the most evil of evil eyes.
Motto: It depends what day it is. Brush your teeth, eat your greens, smoke your cigarettes and drink your vodka.

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Some people feel the need to bitch, and so do I. If I couldn't bitch I'd need a separate house to store the ball of hate in my stomach.

*love guitars, music, poetry and movies*

I am the female Randall to this day, even though i left the video store.

I love to get messy, if you have a problem with this, go suck on something sharp and disease filled.

........... I'm building my collection and I shall be a rubber doll, and bass goddess with Toxic Shock Sindrome......

Fuck me and I'll do what you tell me.

I am a Dead Magdalena :)

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